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What is the NMGventures Seed Accelerator Program?

NMGventures is looking for successful and rising star Black, POC, LGBTQ, Veterans and alliance persons/businesses who are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Decision Makers, Empowered Corporate Executives, Digital Creatives and Philanthropists, striving for extraordinary excellence and success in their life and businesses, sustainably in the USA through this brand new program designed for early-stage businesses..

The Accelerator will run in Oahu, Hawaii for 3 weeks beginning November 6th, 2021.

Participants in the program will receive tailored mentoring, world-class programming, an equity investment, and more.

We're Looking for businesses That Meet All of the Following Criteria:

Our program offers Business Owners

1. Network Access

Access to a our network of mentors, advisors,

consultants and more, 1 on 1

2. Funding

Equity or Loan of USD $100,000 plus

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