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At NMGv WorkCation, a division of NMG Ventures, we’re dedicated to providing well-being experiences

that blend professional development with relaxation and opportunities.


You can look forward to our offerings which include


Morning and Evening Yoga Sessions

Start and end your day on a rejuvenating note with invigorating yoga sessions led by experienced instructors.

Stretch, unwind, and find your balance amidst the serene backdrop of Atlantic City’s coastline.


Innovative AI with NMGv AI Solutions and AI Assistants

Learn about cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions designed to revolutionize your real estate business.

Explore innovative AI tools and strategies to streamline your workflow, personal life and enhance client satisfaction.


Prosperity Talks

Receive expert financial guidance from knowledgeable professionals specializing in

financial planning, wealth accumulation, and investments in

Real Estate, Digital Assets (including Bitcoin, digital currencies & blockchain technologies),

and strategic ventures. Stay ahead of the curve with valuable insights from industry-leading experts.


Investment Opportunities in AC & the incredible ACX1 Studios at Caesars Pier

Discover lucrative investment opportunities in Atlantic City’s burgeoning real estate market and beyond.

Learn about exciting projects like the incredible ACX1 Studios at Caesars Pier and how you can be part of the city’s renaissance.


Opportunities in Esports

Dive into the world of esports and explore the exciting growth opportunities it presents.

Visit the Esports Innovation Center at Stockton University Atlantic City and

immerse yourself in the latest advancements and trends shaping the esports industry.


Don’t miss out on these exclusive offerings – reserve your spot now and

prepare for an unforgettable WorkCation experience like no other!




Atlantic City, NJ



Limited Spaces and discount hotel rooms Available  – Secure Yours Today!


Sunday May 19 to Tuesday May 21

To book (CLICK HERE) or for more information email us at


WhatsApp at 1-646-926-2599




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